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Recent Matches

Event/League Opposition Date Result
css CG-M Adept 13/03/2012 Win
css CG-M Decibel 06/03/2012 Win
css CG-M Vox Eminor Fem 28/02/2012 Win
lol CGo Truly Outrageous Gems 24/02/2012 Win
mw3 CGo 4v4 Reborn Recon 22/02/2012 Win
css CG-M Emphatic 21/02/2012 Win
lol CGo Subversion 15/02/2012 Win
lol CGo dream team eXtreme 01/02/2012 Win
css CG-M Home Grown Heroes 08/11/2011 Lose
cod4 CGi Fatality7 06/11/2011 Win
cod4 CGi MBW 02/11/2011 Win
css CG-M Headlinerz 27/10/2011 Win
cod4 CGa Team 7 22/10/2011 Win
css CyberGamer Main Crux Crew 18/10/2011 Lose
cod4 CGa Team Elevate 15/10/2011 Lose
css Cybergamer Main Wizards 10/10/2011 Win
bo CG 4v4 Frenetic Array 05/10/2011 Lose
cod4 CGa Vanilla5 01/10/2011 Lose
bo CG 4v4 Taunted 28/09/2011 Lose
cod4 CG MBW T2 25/09/2011 Win
cod4 CG refiance Gaming 17/09/2011 Win
bo CG iGangstas 14/08/2011 Win
bo CG Finals Auxiliary 14/08/2011 Win
bo CG Team Elevate 08/08/2011 Win
cod4 CG Must Be Wheat Little Team 30/07/2011 Win
bo CG Auxiliary 24/07/2011 Win
cod4 CG STORM RIDERS 24/07/2011 Win
cod4 CG Must Be Wheat 19/07/2011 Win
bo CG Active Service Gamers 19/07/2011 Win
cod4 CG dignity crew 16/07/2011 Win