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has found that the suspect cases, and in July 15 investigation. Subsequently, the police after controlling for Jeong, through visits and Mr. Miller's investigation identified to determine a paragraph,woolrich outlet, Zhu Zheng indeed hired thugs, and October 9 the two men arrested in Yichuan County, and According to two of the account,scarpe hogan, on October 18 and the other suspect Lu underwent an arrest. Zhu was arrested and after a paragraph, the suspect fled Xingmou,tn requin, the Internet has been the police chase. "I'm his wife, and asked him to live on what's wrong?" October 31, told police interrogation Jeong said that for the 50 million IOU, it is her husband after he and consultation voluntary husband wrote . Police Jeong's bank account information through discovery, on the 11th night Jeong-division multiple cash out $ 30,000 from the bank to see the video surveillance, she will give some of them a young man. According to Jeong confessed that she was the occasional opportunity to know LvMou Xingmou and expressed intent "wanted him to help find some people,barbour paris, and I talk to her husband," the. Several people after deliberation, decided by Xingmou organization personnel, lured Mr. Miller and implement detention. Later,peuterey spaccio, Lu underwent get 1500 yuan "hard money", a paragraph and Zhu were to get 500 yuan. Police pointed out that this part of incitement to assault. In addition,perle pandora, the police also mentioned in the interrogation process,hollister roma est, Jeong behave more radical. "She thinks that she made a reasonable, and there is nothing wrong." Charge of the case, police told reporters that before, but had angry Jeong Mr. Miao sister car were smashed. "Anyway, involved alleged illegal detention of others evidence." The police said there may be a case for robbery.
extortion and other circumstances, the need for further review by the courts,nike air max pas cher, prosecutors. Currently,parajumpers paris, Jeong,peuterey online, four people were police criminal detention,scarpe hogan, Xingmou are fugitives online, the case is under further investigation. (Original title: emotional breakdown,tn requin, wife husband incitement detention) Ed  new phone with more than a month in arrears more than 40 million, the original phone is fake   business commitment found fake prizes,hogan sito ufficiale, there was also the sale of counterfeits (Reporter Pan Bin,parajumpers, Woody correspondent Kwong Yu, Lishi Yin) business commitment "as found in the parallel spot fake reward 10,000 yuan," Huang believe they have found a genuine mobile phone shop can buy mobile phones.
mobile phone use who knows more than a month already owe more than 40 million. Counterfeit goods harm to others,pjs, mobile phone shop owner was sentenced to reward 10,hogan outlet,000 yuan to victims. Buy counterfeit goods problem more October 22, 2010, Mr. Huang in the town a formal communication mobile phone shop to buy mobile phones. This large-scale mobile phone shop, good reputation, mobile species diversity. A door, the store also plastered with posters,hogan outlet, and written in a clear commitment to the place, "as found in the parallel spot fake reward 10,000 yuan." After the selection, Huang choose to buy a model name "Daxian 828" mobile phone, price 490 yuan. A few days after use, the phone disconnected or crashes repeatedly occurs for no apparent reason, he shall go to the original mobile phone shop owner Lin found an identical model for a mobile phone,hogan outlet, and 90 yuan to pay back the difference. Since then, Mr. Huang repeatedly for prepaid phone card number, but the phone will soon be in the wireless status cause can not talk. Wong troubled communications company to play a single inquiry, I learned that the phone's built chargeback software's sake.

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