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000 is also food, accommodation, travel expenses can be reimbursed traveling. September 13 official production, when the Mid-boss gave workers made 10,000 dollars. Able to get such a high salary, motivated workers. What not to say in the production Workers said that,hogan scarpe outlet, in general, Zhu Moumou contact materials are sent over from the field,nike tn pas cher, 10 to a worker, a day can produce about seventy-eight products, 25 kg per bag. As for what the product is produced, the workers do not know, "the bags did not say." Workers have also asked the boss Zhu Moumou, "said the boss of production is a raw material." Moreover, Zhu Moumou also specifically explained,zanotti homme, things just do not ask, "If you have to ask outsiders say is in the production of coatings." Gradually, the workers speculation, "certainly do illegal things, otherwise how will so much money?" A check is easy making drugs By the end of September last year, Chaohu police seized the factory. Survey shows that this plant was actually easy making drugs hydroxy imine. Reporters learned that the hydroxyl imine breed directory is included in Schedule "Precursor Chemicals Management Regulations" in the first class of precursor chemicals, drug-manufacturing countries are regulated. Once into illegal channels, hydroxy imine can be manufactured into drugs ketamine (commonly known as "K" powder). Yesterday,pandora pas cher, reporters learned that a few days ago, Chaohu City Court to the crime of making drugs illegal trade Peng Moumou five people sentenced to four years imprisonment ranging from six months to a probation sentence. Meanwhile,boutique abercrombie france, Zhu Moumou and other people were handled separately."Pervert" from the medication after another rape of two girls Blue Cloud Evening News correspondent Ashanti girl can not imagine how he went along with a friend Ayun be friends.
even met a "pervert",tn pas cher, the name of the night two friends have been raped. July 24 evening, the girls know Internet users Ashanti Ashanti Lin invited out for supper, Ashanti with Ayun, Ahui other female friends to go about Lin. Liujiang County came to a town, and Lin and Lin Jiao hill a friend to eat supper together, to the 25th before midnight scattered. Later, Ashanti and Ayun,guiseppe zanotti, who went to the residence of Lin play, Lin Jiao Ayun excuse to go to a nearby company and huei Jiao mountain come to play, the Ayun,giubbotto woolrich, Ahui spending his house. Lin served a "stimulant", the go into his room,hogan outlet, will play on the computer is inside Ashanti onto the bed,hollister italia, despite strong opposition Ashanti and rape. After Lin rape Ashanti soon, Ayun, Ahui, A Hill, who came back, Lin calmly opened the door to them. Ayun see Ashanti bed in the room shouting and laughing, theosophy wrong,hogan scarpe, Ayun was no attention, she prodded with everyone that they have to go home, then out the door. Lin also with out seeing that send Ayun. When the corner of the second floor and the third floor,tn requin, Lin Ayun despite strong resistance, the use of violence will Ayun also raped, Ashanti heard upstairs, downstairs Ahui,barbour pas cher, who was stopped. After the incident, Ashanti and Ayun on the afternoon of July 25 reported to the local police station, the police, the police rapid response, in Lin's residence to arrest. After interrogation, the suspect Lin rape Ashanti, A cloud of criminal confessed. Lin suspects on suspicion of rape on July 30 was brought to the prosecutor Liujiang County Public Security Bureau arrested. & Nbsp; (Edit: SN053) [see Sina news Win iAccording to Xinhua News Agency.
Premier Li Keqiang by issuing,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, recently approved by the State Council agreed that "the middle reaches of the Yangtze River City Group Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). This is the second "national new urbanization plan (2014-2020 years),louboutin femme," introduced across the country approved the first regional urban planning group. Yangtze River City Group is the Wuhan city circle, ring Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration, Poyang Lake City Group as the main form of large urban agglomerations, land area of about 317,hogan interactive donna,000 square kilometers,hogan sito ufficiale, east and west,abercrombie et fitch, south and north, is Yangtze River Economic Belt.

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