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Yesterday,abercrombie e fitch, the army newspaper reporters invited to the "Outline" issues of common concern to the army officers and soldiers of the military sports expert interpretation. Micro-channel army newspaper reported that the outline with a BMI index reflects the size index (weight divided by height squared number that the number), can more accurately reflect the body meets the standards,hogan scarpe outlet, which is the international targets, but also China "National Student Physical Health Standard" targets adopted. This makes our military body evaluation methods and evaluation methods of international and national school standards,bijoux pandora, to facilitate the body condition of the army officers and soldiers of the comparative study of horizontal and body condition and body condition of the domestic foreign military students to do. Through the analysis of these dynamic data,abercrombie homme, provide a scientific basis for future revisions of the army size standards. Within the military sources said.
this outline does not involve specific quantitative figures,hollister california, but general direction of future efforts made,nike tn pas cher, the next stage could be a pilot for future detailed evaluation indicators for reference. The current standard adopted in 2006 According to the reporter,nike plus, the current implementation of the military body evaluation criteria in November 2006 issued by the army and armed police forces organized and implemented in accordance with this standard,hogan outlet, a measure of body eligibility index is based on age and gender,hogan scarpe outlet, with different height decreased values to calculate the weight,sweat abercrombie, to determine whether the standard size. The standard specifies the size standard under 60 soldiers. Know the age.
height (cm),hogan outlet, you can calculate the range of the standard weight (kg). Male (female) soldier's body standards specific formula is 29 years of age: Weight = [height -105 (108)]   10%; 30-34 years: weight = [height -100 (105)]   10%; 35 -39-year-old: Weight = [height -100 (105)]   12%; 40-44 years: weight = [height -100 (105)]   15%; 45-49 years: weight = [height -100 (105 )]   17%; 50-60 years: weight = [height -100 (105)]   20%. This calculation, 29 years old male soldier one meter tall and 7, the weight limit of 75 kg, the lower limit is 55 kg. According to the Liberation Army Daily, the official micro-letter (Original title: China will revise the military body evaluation criteria) EdVideo loading,nike tn pas cher, please wait .. autoplay & nbsp; play hatred and vice mayor of Kunming Xiexin Song checked checked the play forward and backward  Yin Yin Yan Yan Qiu Qiu Today.
the news about the spate of Yunnan officials boarded the major media: Yunnan Province,abercrombie e fitch, deputy secretary of hatred and was removed from leadership positions; Kunming Municipal Committee,abercrombie homme, vice mayor of the recipient organization Xiexin Song investigation; Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the former Deputy Minister Yin Yan accept an investigation ... In the anti-corruption storm since eighteen,hogan outlet, the Yunnan provincial officials have been four "sacked"; January 7,abercrombie et fitch, 2014 to date, the average weekly Yunnan checked about a person. Yunnan officialdom, no doubt,hogan sito ufficiale, "earthquakes" again! Deputy Mayor of Kunming Xiexin Song checked formerly hatred and secretary Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website news release this afternoon from the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection: The Yunnan Provincial Committee, Kunming Municipal Committee,hogan outlet, vice mayor Xiexin Song alleged serious violation of the law.

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