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Featured Gaming Sign XBOX & PC Teams

Hey All,
SounDWav3 here again bringing you some great news!
Featured Gaming has been trying franticly to sign up a XBOX and a PC team who we think will last a long time but also support Featured Gaming. If was a hard choice but we finally came to a decision.

Congratulations XBOX team Fallen!
Congratulations PC Team Super Hero Squad!

ABOUT FALLEN: Fallen finished last season at #13 decided to drop of the ladder after a finals defeat needed repair their line up. Which now, since they have returned have been a force. Sitting at #79 Fallen will be going up the ladder once again to show whos boss. 
ABOUT Super Hero Squad: 
SHS are a newly established team with strong and relibable players with high hopes of achieving success within the call of duty scene in the coming future. The team began with joony and frost in managerial positions in which soon spread out to be an active and dedicated array of members eager to compete and play successfully in competition. 
Featured believe we have made the right decision with this team and will be backing it up soon with some wins from the team.

Luke 'SounDWav3' Michalowsky