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Featured Gaming LoL Team Wins At RFLan

Hey All!

Good news in regards to our LoL team. Last night the lads went over to Western Australia to compete in RFLan. The boys battled through the night to pull of a unbeaten campaign and to win the grandfinall Team Captain Brendan had a few words

"Hi guys, this is Brendan Ma, also known as CoenA in game. Last night, my team battled it out for 500$ cash in a 70 player double elimination tournament at RFLan. It was a long struggle from 7pm to 5am in the morning, but we came out victorious after winning every single match of the night. In general, a large number of our favourite champions were banned out throughout the night and we got really tired towards the end of the tournament. Nonetheless we managed to persevere and pull out a win for Featured Gaming."

Congratulations to the boys and thanks for doing all of us at Featured proud. Hope you can keep up the good work.

Luke 'SounDWav3' Michalowsky

Head Manager