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Featured Gaming Sponsors

Featured Gaming Sign On PS3.

Featured Gaming are pleased to announce that we have signed on Adapt as a new team to represent Featured Gaming on the PS3 side of things. Featured & Adapt will be working together to build Featured Gaming up to the top along with the help of our sponsors Vague Designs, Fatality Network, Gamers Uniform and Karma IT.
Adapt will now be playing under the Featured Gaming name and logo while smashing through the PS3 Ladder on 5v5 and also 4v4. We will also be looking to attend LANs in the near future with this team. 
We would like to thank all the boys from Adapt for applying and we would also like to congratulate them on gaining this position.
Now with a PS3 team in Featured Gaming we are still searching for a XBOX teams and also a PC team for represent us in Call Of Duty. So please feel free to apply.

Thank You
Head Manager
Luke 'SounDWav3' Michalowsky